Christmas Holly and Wreath kits


Using the freshest holly, cut to order from our farm in Cornwall, you can create beautiful seasonal wreaths and Christmas displays

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On our cornish family farm, 10 years ago we planted a decorative mixed holly orchard- potenially to harvest and supply to customers. We hoped that the trees would thrive in our warm climate with plenty of mist rolling in from the coast.

The orchard is in an area of great landscape value surrounded by agricultural land, we are able to graze the sheep under the trees in the summer.

We have several varieties planted; alaska, hansworth silver, golden queen, trelevan, jc van tol. There are plain green trees together with red berried ,gold and silver varieties. The trees are now maturing and producing enough holly to harvest. We hope that you will enjoy the foliage we offer from our sustainable orchard.

Helen Davey, The Holly Farm

Davey Family

Gallery, tips and creative ideas using holly for seasonal wreaths and Christmas decoration.

Care tips:

When you recieve your box of holly/ foliage , try to store it before use in a cool but frost free environment. To keep it as fresh as you can, remove it from the box, cut the stems on an angle about 1cm from the bottom of the stem and plung it into deep tepid water. It will also benefit from being sprayed with a mist sprayer daily. Change the water in the container every 3 days.  

More tips coming soon...